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Thousands of unwanted pets are euthanized, or suffer from neglect in Houston each year. Be the solution.

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Thank you for choosing to be a responsible pet owner

AS OF 08/20/2019 ALL voucher requests are on hold while we put processes into place to lower the abuse rate of our services being offered. ANY CURRENT VOUCHER IN HAND IS VALID AS LONG AS THE APPOINTMENT IS CALLED AND BOOKED WITHIN THE 30 DAYS IT WAS ISSUED. We will let everyone know if we decide to continue this program.   

(PLEASE NOTE: though these services are FREE, we are fundraising and paying for them for your pet.  If you can afford the $100-$140 for the services we are providing, please leave the vouchers for people who cannot.)

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To request a voucher, fill out the form above.  No animals under rescue groups, or feral colonies.  These services are for family pets only.  Though this service is free to our community, we ARE spending our days fundraising to pay for them.  If you can pay even a portion, that will allow us to help others.

The Facts

Roughly 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the US. This is because of unplanned litters and breeding.

One intact cat: 

1st year 12 offspring
2nd year 144 offspring
3rd year 1,728 offspring
4th year 20,736 offspring 

One in-tact dog:

1st year 4 offspring with 2 females
2nd year 12 offspring
3rd year 36 offspring
5th year 324 offspring
7th year 4,372 offspring